Tavern Caccia al Piano, born with the regional law called "Filera corta", is a project of Giancarlo Fuselli, and is located within the farm

Tavern Caccia al Piano presents at the table a product solely of Tuscan origin and selected by local producer by the company itself.

The filiera corta is a particular type of business that allows consumers to buy food directly from the manufacturers; it comes from the need to generate new forms of exchange, meeting, cooperation and is based on the direct relationship between producers and consumers.

The benefits for those who buy products manufactured by this method are manifold: first, the reduction of the steps of the distribution system such as traditional wrapping, packaging and transport (procedures involving pollution and premium), then the opportunity for a direct comparison with the producer who manages to sell unique products, which have as a feature exclusively treating biological, finally the bond with the land, the environment, the security that the product arrives on the tables directly from the fields, all (of course) at a lower cost that reasonable!

Advantages of Filiera Corta

  • Reduction of energy consumption , pollution and traffic.
  • Opportunity to meet the producers directly , their working methods , the history of the foods that you bring to the table.
  • Enhancement of crops specific to each territory , protection of biodiversity , tastes, recipes and traditions.
  • Compared to the season and then the freshness of food purchased
  • Final consumer price transparent and cheaper for the buyer, more equitable remuneration for producers.

Who is the Filiera Corta

The filiera corta is aimed at anyone who wants to promote (knowingly) this production process, respecting the environment, to those who work and live, then a private citizen, rather than restaurateurs or merchants.